15 Things You Wish You Knew When You Started Blogging

May 30, 2016 0 By pastordave

Are you a blogger? Well blogging is easy but being successful while blogging is not so easy at all. To get this up, all you have to do is let know of these 15 things before you start off:

1. The domain name does matter

Domain is a very interesting part for blogging online. The attractive you can make it, the more traffic you actually gain. So while choosing the domain name, you need to consider it unique and attractive.

2. Quality is far more critical element as compared to quantity

Always remember that if you have to be praised for something, it is definitely the quality. The less you write still the valuable information will be the key towards the success you can make.

3. Focus on the readers, and not about yourself

Try to understand one think that the blog you make is not just for you to read. So you need to do well for the readers who are involved with this. The more effective the readers are the better it is for your blog.

4. Social media can often prove to be a sheer waste of time, too

Blogging and then posting it through social media might sometimes make your blog worth or even sometimes may fall it off too. This is because there are many types of people and it is not your target.

5. The inimitable Pareto principle can be applied to anything, blogging included

In every business centres the Pareto Principle gets applied and it is so true even in the cases of blogging.

6. You need to build a community centered on your blog

Community is a very essential part of every blog where you can gain lots of feedback through it. SO you must be accurate to share the post in your community.

7. Having a mailing list is important

An email list of target audiences is also a very necessity thing to consider when it is about the best wishes. An email list will always help you to get your target audiences.

8. Giving away gratuitous stuff works like magic

The word free always attracts everyone ad people are more influenced towards free stuffs and it gives them a wonderful opportunity to move forward. This indeed is a huge thing to consider when the point is of successful blogging.

9. Think about your business model

The business model is a huge thing to consider when the point of being successful in your blog. This is a huge effective thing if you consider being successful online.

10. Selling advertisements is not the smartest business model

The point of selling the ads just to promote will not help you in many circumstances. Infact if you do not have quality writing it will be of no help for you to post.

11. Shared hosting is a NO NO

If you have a shared hosting, it is not the perfect thing to consider. Shared hosting means that there is a huge loss over everything and it turns out in the favour of other partners.

12. Checking your statistics daily is not worth the time

You may not improve daily in engaging traffic, but improving over a week time is very necessary. Thus what you need to think about is the weekly status of blogging online.

13. It takes a lot of persistence

Persistence is the next big thing that you need to consider when you are about to go forward with. While you are going to optimize the persistence of the contents, it will be giving you good achievements.

14. Choosing the right niche is of prime importance

You must write on the blog you are expertise with. This will help you to understand and grab the intensity of your blog. In other terms, no one can be better than you in this field.

15. Learning technical part helps you a lot

One of the key things which you need to come up with is the technical part of promoting. Once you understand this, it will go easier for you.