An Overview of Funeral Flower Selections

An Overview of Funeral Flower Selections

November 27, 2017 0 By pastordave

When you think of a funeral procession, it is hard to contemplate the scene without flowers. Flowers express love and respect for the deceased in a variety of lovely ways. Besides displaying several floral tributes, families may also request one floral display along with charitable donations to a specific charity.

Popular Traditional Choices

The most common traditional funeral tribute is represented by a double-ended spray of flowers. However, posies and bouquets are also popular selections. Floral tributes can be designed with just about any flower choice. Some people select a single colour whilst others prefer a variety of blooms.

Types of Arrangements

Following is an overview of the various designs:

  • Standing sprays are usually displayed on an easel adjacent to the casket. Funeral directors in Plymouth receive the spray directly at the site of the service.
  • Hearts, wreaths, and crosses are displayed on easels next to the casket. Wreaths have special significance because their round shape signifies eternal life.
  • Casket sprays are featured on top of a casket. They come in various shapes and sizes. Full-casket and half-casket sprays are commonly used. Whilst the full-casket arrangements are used for closed casket services, half-casket sprays are designed for open casket funerals. The arrangements are usually sent by the deceased’s family members.
  • Funeral baskets, as the name suggests, display flowers in a basket. They are normally delivered directly to the site of the funeral.
  • Plants or dish gardens are featured in baskets or containers. They may be sent to a family’s home or to the site of the funeral service.

Familiarise yourself with the various arrangements so that you can choose the ideal display.