Best Outdoor Security Cameras to Protect Your Home Perimeter

Best Outdoor Security Cameras to Protect Your Home Perimeter

July 19, 2021 0 By pastordave

When it comes to securing your home, having security cameras is usually one of the main things you need to get for your home. This means securing the perimeter of your home properly. In a way that even when you’re not outside keeping an eye on things, you have the cameras watching everything for you! 

However, when you try looking for outdoor security cameras, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the number of options available in the market. With everyone claiming their product is the best, it can be quite difficult to make the purchase. To make that easier, we’ve put together a list of the top 5, best outdoor security cameras you can buy today! 


When it comes to outdoor security cameras, Ring probably has the most popular models that you can go for. The most commonly used Ring camera is their doorbell camera, which is a fairly compact, all-around great outdoor security camera that will keep an eye on everyone that passes through and stops at your door. However, there are other options with Ring too, so you can really pick and choose the specific type of camera that best suits your needs. Almost all of the Ring security cameras come with full weatherproofing, have sirens built-in, support two-way talk, have LED Floodlights, sound activation, and infrared night vision. These cameras are also fully accessible via your phone so no matter where you may be, you can see exactly what’s going on outside your home! There’s no wiring required, so you can install this one on your own, you’ll just have to go through a 10-25 minute setup the first time you use it to get things started, then, you’re good to go! Another great feature about Ring cameras is that you get to keep the recordings for 60 days on their cloud, for a fairly nominal fee. This is one of the longest durations a company keeps the footage, which can come in handy if you ever need it!



Next on our list is GoogleNest. Although Nest doesn’t have as wide of a range as Ring, it’s still a pretty good basic package. There’s a type of camera for everyone and even if you go for something as simple as a doorbell camera, you still get the continuous video recording feature Nest is infamous for. The Nest cameras have one of the best activity detection out there. You can easily get a notification on your phone and see what’s going on outside! It also comes with facial recognition and won’t alert you the same way it would if it saw an intruder. However, the cloud storage on this can run a little expensive, but it does save every single second so if that’s what you’re looking for, this one’s a better bet!


Arlo may be third on our list, but they’re still one of the best ones out there. Arlo cameras come in a wide variety, so you can really go through the options and see what you like. They all have color night vision, and most of them can record footage in 4K resolution. These two features alone make it a great security camera to have because even if a burglar gets in, they’re going to be on video, in full color, easy to recognize! So they’re not going anywhere! If you’re looking for a complete home security system, Arlo has some of the best ones out there! You get to fully customize how many cameras you want, how you want them to function however you want!


Although all of these cameras are fairly easy to install, if you end up needing help, all you need to do is call Locksmith Rochester NY, or a recommended locksmith in your area to help you decide the perfect camera, placement and help set it all up!