Could This Be The Year The Electric Car Takes Over The World?

Could This Be The Year The Electric Car Takes Over The World?

May 25, 2015 0 By pastordave

In the future, you might just find the next car you purchase will have an electric engine. With technology constantly progressing it’s only a matter of time before it overtakes the gas engine. You’re probably breathing a sigh of relief now as a lot of your wages will be going on filling up the tank. Can you imagine how much it will improve our environment? Soon you will be able to breathe in clean air as you drive to work using your electric engine, plus save a ton of money.

Have we wasted a hundred years?

Right at the beginning of the 20th century electric cars were becoming a lot more popular. A sixth of all cars were in fact electric. People liked them because they were a lot cleaner and quieter than gas cars. They were also a lot more efficient, but they did have their problems.

They broke pretty easily. People didn’t like this. The battery was heavy and expensive. The thing that irritated people the most was the fact they couldn’t drive long distances and they were very slow. We were entering a time where you needed to drive further than two miles down the road.

People wanted them for long distances and they were unable to match expectations. Speed was also an issue. If people had the choice between fast and slow cars they were always going to go for the speed. Scientists tried to fix the problems with the electric cars, but to no avail. Eventually they fell away and gas engine cars became what they are today.

One hundred years later

Around the start of the 21st century the Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, released the worlds first mass produced hybrid car. The Prius would go on to sell 18,000 cars within the first year of production. This was a huge step in the right direction. A hybrid car is a cross between a gas car and an electric one. It combines the two sources of power.

This isn’t perfect, but it was something. Soon all the big manufacturers would begin releasing their own hybrid cars over the next few years. These were all released on lease so not much was sold. They all had the bright idea to cancel their 100% electric programs because they thought they found the next big thing. Were they right? They thought they were.

Soon to take over the world

Now you have the Tesla Model S, the electric car that could soon take over the world. The future is definitely going to be the electric car and it’s just a matter of time before we can all afford one. But for now you will have to shell out over $50,000 for one of these beauties. The amount of capabilities is nothing short of extraordinary.

It can reach speeds of over 60mph in under 4.4 seconds, all while being completely silent. If you’re worried about long journeys you should’t be. You can travel 300 miles between charges, and do you know how much a single charge should cost you? About $10. For the money you’d save in gas you will make back the price of the car in no time. I’d start saving.