F.A Maker- Your Caring Partner In Second Hand Industrial Equipment

F.A Maker- Your Caring Partner In Second Hand Industrial Equipment

October 29, 2018 0 By pastordave

Starting a business that requires large process equipment can be exciting because it feels great to launch a big investment. However, purchasing brand new equipment can be very costly something that scares away most investors. Good news is that, F.A Maker dealers are here to provide you with plan B of second-hand industrial equipment at affordable prices. It is the most reputable company providing quality second hand equipment australia. There are varieties of equipment from which you can choose for your processor plant equipment and machines. The machines you will find at our workshops are used in various industries including the recycling, food processing, fashion and beauty, food, processing industries, mining, and pharmaceuticals. These products are always in good shape and condition and every machine is taken through thorough testing before the customer purchases it. Our main focus is to ensure that we provide quality equipment to customers that will save their money and time by providing cost-effective products and delivering fast to the customer’s premises or place of work depending on the address given.

Why should you buy from F.A Maker Company

There are various benefits that our customers get when they choose to do business with us. All these benefits are directed toward providing quality equipment at friendly cost and within a short period. They include.

 Speedy global shipping; We understand that waiting for an asset for extra days, weeks or months can really mess with your business plan. Therefore we ensure that machinery available in our workshop can be delivered across the globe fast. We provide an achievable delivery period to ensure that our customers get the equipment on the agreed time without delays.

You can also hire our equipment; sometimes buying equipment for a contractual task can be a waste of money. That’s why we provide hire services for industrial equipment. Also, we allow our customers to hire the equipment on regular basis. Some of the equipment that can be hired includes electric motors, vibrating screen, stainless steel tanks, reconditioned filter press, assorted pumps among others. It doesn’t matter the type of industry you venture in, you can always contact us for equipment hire at affordable rates. Should you be worried about the condition of the equipment we offer, we allow the customer to have a trial before purchasing or hiring machinery. This practice allows customers to be confident in what we are giving them. To build more confidence and trust we provide warranty for all our equipment.

You can sell to us; we not only sell, lease and hire our equipment but also buy from any willing seller who has the industrial equipment they would want to sell. As a trusted second hand equipment Australia, you can always get in touch with us and we will buy your machinery, or list it free of charge on consignment or take your equipment and auction it on your behalf. Whichever option you deem best for you we allow you to choose it and discuss with our professional staff.

The other benefit you get from F.A Maker is equipment sourcing where you describe the product that you need, and if it’s not in our workshop we go an extra mile to source it for you.