How efficient is HCG and testosterone injections for weight loss

How efficient is HCG and testosterone injections for weight loss

March 3, 2017 0 By pastordave

You might have sometime heard of HCG as a diet aid, but still you may not be clear what does that have to do with testosterone? Do not hesitate to ask questions from your doctor if you are prescribed with a new supplement or some kind of hormone therapy treatment plan. The same thing is applicable for HCG and testosterone. HCG can boost testosterone production and therefore you must know how these components work separately, and together, especially when you are thinking to go testosterone replacement therapy.

HCG (which is often written as hCG) is an acronym for human chorionic gonadotropin. Today its main implication could be seen in dieting and weight loss. It is a hormone produces during pregnancy (and can also be produced when a tumor has developed). The presence of HCG in a pregnancy test is an indication whether a women is pregnant or not, because this hormone is produced by foetus. In pregnancy, this hCH can boost testosterone production and maintain high levels of progesterone. A number of individuals have shown interest in HCG as a weight loss aid, with varying results.

Supplementary drugs like hCG can sometimes be necessary, and you may recommend hCG for low testosterone when the conditions are right, either alone or in combination with testosterone. The human body is an incredibly complex biological machine, and maintaining homeostasis is not a simple matter. Simply adding one hormone into the mix isn’t always the best way to alter a complex system. Every person is different. What works for one may not suits other, and the hormone replacement therapy differs greatly between the sexes.

Numerous websites promotes the use of HCG injections for body builders looking for fast results. Most health care professionals do not agree with the use of anabolic steroids or hormones like testosterone and HCG for bodybuilding and weight loss catalyst, although the same is not true when it comes to the benefits of HCH as an important aspect of testosterone replacement therapy. If you are in either of drug, keep yourself away from alcohol. The replacement therapy is most often advised for men diagnosed with hypogonadism. These low levels of the hormone are not typically associated with aging processes, but a dysfunction or malfunction of the pituitary gland, which is responsible for telling the testes to produce more. Testosterone being the male dominated hormone is produced in women also in a very small amount in the ovaries. The main purpose is it is responsible for developing and defining sex male characteristics in young boys and adult men.

In adult men, the normal range of testosterone level averages 300 ng per decilitre to 1000 ng per decilitre. Hormone therapy may be recommended by doctors in case the body doesn’t produce adequate levels of the hormone required for wellness and health, or that contributes to side effects. Talk to your medical professional when it comes to using these hormones together. Play it safe and know the safety and correct use of HCG and testosterone before implementing them.