Safety Measures to Reduce Lift Truck Accident Damage

Safety Measures to Reduce Lift Truck Accident Damage

September 18, 2018 0 By pastordave

Like all the busy freeways, today industrial plants as well warehouses are squeezing in more traffic into lesser width of space in proportion to the increasing cost of real estate. Simultaneously, we see a rise in the lifted trucks for sale, in these areas, as well. But the risk of driving lifted trucks are becoming greater than ever before with more bulk of products and equipment stuffed in, to operate with tighter and just-in-time logistics. Plant managers try their best to maximize the ratio of rack and material into the warehouse, that leaves lift trucks run tighter on their pair of aisles, leading it to imbalance and greater collision impact.  Little do people in the logistics business realize that they are putting people, assets and production, all at risk.

Reports from OSHA says that about 95,000 number of workers suffer injuries caused in lifted truck accidents, that finally results not only devaluation of human life, but also in loss of production, damage of facilities, and in claims of compensation.

So, it is needless to count on how important it should be to minimize the chances of damage and production down the time. And the good news is, we can do so with installing proper safety equipment.

Pallet Rack Protection

Most common damage to the warehouse pallet racks take place at the row end. Rack damage is also observed along the first 6 to 12 inches of columns counted from the floor. The damages increase particularly at places like tunnels, rough drive-throughs, and in intersections, where the vehicle maneuvering gets tighter. More damage can take place especially when the forklift operators push the pallets against the end row upright, as that can bend the racks diagonally or cause harm to the horizontal bracing.

To prevent such damage caused at the end rows and intersections, the best way is to install angles made of high-strength safety steel. These safety angles should be installed in a way so that they can protect the upright columns and give both right, left, or double-ended guards a good support so that they can work well with all end row racks.

Facility Protection

To ensure more protection for the lift truck damage in the universal industrial plants and warehouses, a well-comprehensive, pre-engineered industrial guard railing systems are improvised that can complete the safety aspect. These safety applications can be used in the sectors of workers, inventory, and production, and are applicable even for different walkways areas to, aisles, mezzanines, and in-plant offices.

Industrial guard railings are made to create a visual and physical barrier between the staging and work areas, and that includes machinery like computer consoles, conveyors, electrical panels, HVAC equipment, and controls like freezer-cooler.

Some guard railing systems are commercially available with a few advantages over the in-house fabrications like:

  • Affordable price because of mass production
  • Easier installation
  • They are expandable, modular, and relocatable, while the individual parts are replaceable in case of any damage.

The Bottom Line

As suggested by an expert in the dealership selling lifted trucks in Salisbury, while selecting the type of rail guards, the foremost important thing is to find products that strikes a right balance between the heavy construction necessities, purchase value, and that is easy to install.