Some interesting aspects about sperm donation

Some interesting aspects about sperm donation

April 26, 2017 0 By pastordave

Sperm bank is also referred to as Cryobank that is known to collect sperms from potential donors, are stored and embedded into a woman at a later stage. The whole process is referred to as artificial insemination and the sperms which is provided by the donors are referred to as sperm donors. Such banks have a tab on the duration along with the course of pregnancy, as they are known to screen the donors on a regular basis and help infertile woman to reproduce and have babies. Woman who wants to have babies can go on to choose an anonymous donor or a known person who can be in touch with the children at a later point of time. You need to take note of the fact that donation of sperm is an emotional decision and a lot of thought has to be given consideration if you are planning to become one

The sperm donation centre in Navi Mumbai hassprung up in numbers in the last few years. Such banks also help you to figure the sex of the child which in a way has greater control over your family planning. As an individual if you are planning to donate sperm by this source you can be full proof of the fact that they are not responsible as biologically fathers in any manner. Such banks are under the preview of local legislation but the donor can go on to choose one outside the local judiciary as well.

Generally, a donor is a healthy male, and who is part of a continuous screening process. He should be free from any sexually transmitted diseases or chromosomal defects. The sperm bank checks on the quantity as well as quality of motile sperms which are sold to motile sperms per ml.

  • Normally the age of the donor should be in the age group of 18 to 40 years. In special cases the sperm banks may increase the upper age bracket to 45 years.
  • The sperm of the potential donor, should be free from any form of abnormalities or defects
  • The identity of the donor should not be revealed to infertile mothers or couples
  • The sperm which has been collected need to be quarantined, due to regular process of screening of the donor and in the process, it is made free from any form of infection

The list of sperm banks in Navi Mumbai has increased manifold and a lot has got to do with the increase in the number of sperm donors as well. These banks are known to follow the rules along with regulations, as being imposed by ICMR, and the identity of the donor is being kept a secret which makes him free from any form of tension when they are donating sperm. Some of the donors do it for money, whereas in the case of others it may really be with the intention of helping an infertile couple. In case of some others, they are not mentally prepared to lead a family which forces them to go to the mechanism of sperm donation.

There are some other important pointers when it comes to the question of sperm donation. It is a personal decision and once you are ready for it, and then only go for it.