The different facts about a heart valve surgery

The different facts about a heart valve surgery

August 1, 2018 0 By pastordave

For the heart to function in a proper way there has to be blood flow in a single direction. This task is undertaken with the help of heart valves. The valves are known to open and close in a precise manner when the heart is known to pump out blood. When it is the heart surgery you can assure that the leaflets are fixed and it does mean that it would not be as wide as it is expected. It is also undertake on leaflets that do not close in a tight manner. It points to the fact that blood could leak backwards on to the chamber. In a way it would move forward to the artery as it is intended to do. In order to find a solution, the surgeons would either replace or remove it. In terms of the replacement valves you can find out that it is obtained from synthetic materials or tissues made from animals.

A trend that has been observed is that 95 % of all replacements are done for the aortic valve replacement cost in India along with the mitral valve. In this surgery either one or more of the valves is being replaced with an artificial valve. This could be from a mechanical tissue or an animal tissue.

The doctor is going to ask you to perform a series of tests. This would include the EKG, heart test, stress test and this is to be done until and unless you might have informed the hospital you have it before the surgery. The length of the surgery would depend upon the extent of heart disease you are suffering from. Before the procedure the surgeon is going to discuss the pros and cons of the surgery.

The expectations after the surgery

  • Once the surgery is over, the replacement of the heart valve would have taken place. It is at this point of time the heart will start to function on its own.
  • Any incisions that is made during the process of surgery will be stapled or closed
  • Once the surgery is over you will be spending a decent amount of time in ICU. A close monitoring does take place at this point of time to figure out whether no form of complications is known to take place.
  • Once over you will be directed to the general ward, where you family members will be able to take care of you.

What is the time frame where you will be able to get back to routine work once surgery is over?

  • For the first couple of days you may need the help of a respirator. Once a day is over the patient would be able to sit up in bed
  • After 2 days you will see that the patient is taken away from the ICU. The normal period of discharge is between 7 to 10 days.
  • Once the surgery is over the patients will return back to their routine activities with a lot of energy and hope.