The Umpteen Benefits Of Bi Folding Doors From Solarlux

The Umpteen Benefits Of Bi Folding Doors From Solarlux

April 7, 2016 0 By pastordave

There are umpteen benefits of utilising bi folding doors from Solarlux while remodelling, renovating, or finishing an interior space. These doors are available in myriad designs to accurately fit a specific design style. A bi folding door comprises of a set of panels that has two or three hinged sections that usually fold in pairs. The doors can be easily opened from either side for each pair, or fold both sides for multiple pairs.

Large bi fold doors are utilised as barn doors, room dividers, and even airplane hangar doors. They are generally hung from overhead tracks and effectively suspended by casters or rollers. The door panel that lies innermost is equipped with a knob or door-pull, which gives users the ability to effectively fold the door panels together.

Bi folding doors from Solarlux eliminate the hassles of supporting a large overhead door, be it a commercial garage or an airplane hangar. These doors can be efficiently hung in a series, ensuring that they are ideal as room dividers. The identical tracking that is used for sliding doors can also be used for bi folding doors. The design of such doors allows the panels to fold on themselves, without having to change the orientation of the suspended rollers or casters. Because the casters and tracks receive some irregular stresses from the closing and opening actions, larger and heavier bi folding doors are typically equipped with pivot floor tracks in order to add a good amount of structural stability and to prevent the door panels from swinging.

Bi folding doors

There is a wide range of bi folding doors available in the market. Traditionally, wood was the widely used raw material; however, now doors are also comprised of glass or metal. Some of these doors are available with a raised panel, V-groove panel, and flat panel, or in the form of glass French doors.

Until recently, one of the most popular door types included the louvered door, which has movable or stationary wooden slats or louvers that allow open ventilation while allowing immense privacy and also preventing the passage of light to the interior. They can successfully create dramatic sliding slashes for opening up a room or building, without reducing weather or thermal resistance.

Other popular bi folding doors are those that are mirror-panelled. These are generally found in the bathroom or bedrooms of the home. Mirrored bi folding doors may function as full-body mirrors, and this particular trait makes them a preferred choice when it comes to wardrobes. Highly effective in smaller spaces, mirrored bi folding doors offer the illusion of living in a bigger space upon closure, yet allowing maximum use of space in homes, hotels, bars, restaurants, or several other interior spaces.

With the rapid strides in technology, doors are designed to be more attractive and energy efficient. Thermally-broken aluminium bi folding doors are now manufactured to allow maximum airflow through an opening. This bi folding mechanism comprises a chassis in which the movable parts are strategically positioned so that the elements can be efficiently folded both right and left.

Usually, having bi folding doors installed is quite inexpensive. However, the eventual cost of having bi folding doors can vary on the basis of size, raw materials, and labour. Besides the many benefits of bi folding doors from Solarlux, some of them can be effectively installed by the homeowners themselves.