Traps to Avoid When Renting an Event Space in Singapore

Traps to Avoid When Renting an Event Space in Singapore

March 13, 2016 0 By pastordave

Once you take it upon yourself to book a space for hosting a birthday bash, a company party, a baby shower or just any event that involves bringing adults together, you will be surprised to realize that there are a dozen of options for you to explore in Singapore. Most of these event space rentals in Singapore are cool and professional. They are worth every coin you are willing to invest in them, provided your guests will be comfortable.

Judging by looks can be deceptive. You could be attracted to that lavish rooftop or a quirky spot in the green jungle. Anything is possible once you’re in Singapore. In fact, with all the great choices you have, it’s easy to pick and drop your choices at will. But before you rush to choose that space, make sure you observe the following traps. These traps will cost you in the end, and you might even end up regretting for hosting the event in the first place.

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Traps to avoid when renting an event space in Singapore

  1. Not considering the number of people the space can accommodate

It’s easy to get carried away by how beautiful the space looks. Even when you already know the confirmed number of people who will attend the event, there’s still a high chance that you will pick a location because of its aesthetic beauty, while at the same time ignoring the fact that it may or may not accommodate all guests.

Of course planning for a space that is not too big or too small can be disastrous. What if a lot more people just happened to show up? The turnout might overwhelm the space. So make sure you make provision for all eventualities.

  1. Not finding out about discount and other price factors

If you already know the rental fees in advance, chances are that you won’t ask about everything that are included in that rental fee. This is disastrous because you will be jeopardizing your right as a consumer. Also, by not finding out whether or not the venue gives discount during off-peak seasons, you will end up spending a lot more than you could have spent if you did your research without haste.

  1. Failing to find out if the space is handicap accessible

It’s easy to ignore this especially if you have a lot of things to consider. Most venues in Singapore now have facilities that cater for the handicapped. But there are still a lot more that don’t have them in place. If you are expecting guests with mobility issues, it would become a big setback to them.

  1. Failing to find out about the applicable cancellation policy

Most event space rentals in Singapore for hire will give their clients some sort of a policy to familiarize themselves with before getting into a contract with them. However, other business owners don’t disclose this until a client has already rented the space in question. Once they have the money in their hands, the client will be forced to play by the rules since they didn’t bother to find out about the terms of service for the space rented.

It is always good to be an informed consumer. Just in case a need to cancel the event arises, you should know what the cancellation policy states and whether you will be able to obtain a partial or full return of your deposit.

Some event spaces will refund back the whole deposit provided they are notified early enough. But there’s always no guarantee of this happening, unless you have a copy of their policy which states that they will refund back everything. This also applies to finding out any applicable charges you will incur if you extend your stay. What’s the maximum or minimum you can be charged for overtime activities?

  1. Failing to ask whether or not you can customize the space

Are clients free to move things around and apply their own decorations, or must they leave things the way they are? Are there restrictions or guidelines on how decorations should be done?

Most people find it necessary to apply decors on the space they’ve already rented. However, this is not always possible in some event spaces especially if the business owner doesn’t allow it.

Watch out for these traps when renting space for your event in Singapore. If you can catch all the loopholes before the day of the event, you will minimize disappointments. Otherwise, prepare to deal with a host of setbacks.