January 23, 2014 0 By pastordave

ile buying a new car requires a lot of research and planning, not everyone buys a firsthand vehicle. With more and more new models flooding the market and the number of people who can afford a car increasing, there is a flood of four wheelers that have inundated the used car market.

Besides the usual planning that needs to be done in the case of new cars, there is an added dimension when buying a vehicle that has already been used. It’s that of assessing the current quality of the car and making sure that what you are going to purchase will be a good deal and will give you problem free service for a long time.

Here are a few Used Car tips in this direction.

Finalise the manufacturer and model you wish to go for. There are some brands and models that stand the test of time.

Finding and zeroing in on a reliable user car dealer is important from the credibility point of view. Small time agents should be avoided.

If buying directly from the existing buyer, the talks and the background of the person should reveal more about him.

Then, a thorough check of the unit needs to be done. Taking along a trusted auto mechanic often helps the situation a lot as he would be in a position to understand the condition of the car fully and look out for any problem areas. The condition of the body, the tyres and battery should be checked.

Also, it’s important to check if the documents are in order. The RC book should be in the name of the person selling the car. The life time tax should have been paid. The insurance papers also should indicate that the premium has been paid for both the vehicle and for third party. The pollution check certificate is another document that is required. It should be checked that there is an updated service record for the car which should show any major repairs done and that all time to time upkeep done.

But nothing is as self-explanatory as a test drive. Driving the vehicle should be done with a mind to watch out for anybody mechanics or electrical issues. Wherever there is any untoward noise like rattling or any feature that is not working properly, this should be pointed out and cross checked with the owner.

When all is checked and evaluated, it is now time for the financials to be negotiated and an amicable settlement to be arrived at with regard to the sale price. The going rate for a vehicle of that model and year of manufacture should be researched beforehand and negotiations done keeping that in mind and the present condition of the car.