What Points We Have To Consider For Surf Fishing?

What Points We Have To Consider For Surf Fishing?

March 7, 2016 0 By pastordave

Millions of people love surf fishing that is generally done in salt water and the people doing it use both artificial lures and live bait. It may be noted that use of a wader belt is necessary for preventing the water to get filled up in the waders if they happen to slip underwater.

Those interested in surf fishing are advised to follow the under mentioned tips that are much helpful:

Know the fishing area – Knowledge about the fishing area is a must. It helps in improving the fishing chances when surf fishing. Low tides may be used for ensuring the fishing areas. It is useful to know where the fish may be hiding or feeding when the tides come back. The friendly baits, tackle shop employees and the local people may be able to tell you about the proper fishing areas.

Use the best surf fishing rig – It is recommended that fish finder rig may be used to start out with surf fishing. This is the best option for the new surf fishermen that are fond of fishing.

Avoid makeshift rod holders – The surf fishermen should make use of the proper fishing rod holders that may be procured from concerns like JP Tackle. Buckets and coolers etc may be avoided as the large fish may pull them easily. The fishing pole must be strong enough lest it is dragged into the surf.

Proper surf fishing live bait – Different types of live bait are successful during surf angling. The success depends much upon what the surf fishermen are thinking to catch. Hard/soft shell crab, mullet, shrimp, bloodworms, sandworms, squid or mold crabs are the most successful live baits. Those working at local bait or shops may be able to help you out about the best live baits for surf fishing.

Riding the high tide – There are great chances of surf fishing by riding the high tides. These tides coming at dawn or dusk are most useful as most of the fish come for feeding during such periods. But be careful about the people that may be swimming or other objects may be there during dawn or dusk.

Use of surf fishing tackle and equipment – Those going for surf fishing must use the proper fishing equipments like the ones facilitated by JP Tackle. The necessary tools include fishing rod, saltwater spinning reel, sand spike rod holder, spider and pyramid weights, bait-live or artificial and the fishing cart with front wheels etc. Extra line/hook, bobbers, sinkers, line cutters and first aid kit should also be carried along with when you go for surf fishing.

Safety – Strong sea waves may result in harms to the surf fishermen that should take necessary precautions. Those interested in surf fishing should inform their friends or relatives when going for the same. The exact surf fishing and the arrival timings should be made known to them so that they may help you out in the event of any emergency. Use of sunscreen is also necessary to safeguard against the sun.