Why Car Software Update is Important in a Used Car

Why Car Software Update is Important in a Used Car

December 21, 2018 0 By pastordave

The recent day cars that are mostly governed by trending software, be it on the mechanical side to the infotainment, need software updates just as our other digital gadgets do. These software updates help the cars not only by reducing the gap between your dealer and your car but also make it stand with much more improved safety. As a result even the performance receives a boost as much of the burden from the shoulder of the driver is reduced while the latest upgraded software is able to guard him against all possible distractions that may come his way while driving.

If updating your car software can make that much a difference, then it is quite understandable, how much it would be required, if your car has grown a bit old, but is integrated with a software. The importance of such software update in a used car was further explained to us by the expert team serving a used car dealer in Northern Michigan, and here is what they had to say about it.

How to Upgrade

During the purchase of the car, you would be informed about the software, that you need to install in your smartphone that is integrated with the car, and it will automatically download and install the code that is issued by the manufacturing  company, it receives the latest updates.

Car Safety Aspects

With the new updated software, the car can analyze the road conditions better and can navigate the driver’s route with much more efficiency.  The software would be able to control the actions of the driver, holding him from crossing the permitted speed limit and can stop the attendant from accessing and using personal data through the valet mode, can apply automatic braking and can detect the blind-spots while providing an accurate topography of the area the car is crossing to alert the driver if he is tending to move out of a charging location.

Boosted Acceleration

Though not ye prevalent on most of the cars, but there is software that can enhance the remote operations of the car and this can be availed only after your software gets updated. Once done, such software programs are known to have the capacity to increase the car speed more than the existing at the time of acceleration. Like it can reduce the time of acceleration by a couple of seconds to pick from a dead stop of 0 to 60mph.

Advanced Infotainment

With every modern car that comes with an infotainment needs an infotainment system update to avail the latest features that will enhance the ride quality through better navigation, lesser waiting time at the traffic and exciting entertainment while driving for longer hours. The latest smartphone integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay too need regular update to stay in tune with the features they want you to avail.

Better Connectivity

According to the North Michigan used car dealer expert team, if your car already has Bluetooth connectivity, in-built Wi-Fi system and wireless charging options, with the updated software you would be connected to faster network and connectivity options that will help you stay connected through your drive.