Why Cat Furniture Are Essential

Why Cat Furniture Are Essential

February 6, 2019 0 By pastordave

Many people, especially non-pet owners will see the purchase of pet furniture as a waste of money or just a whim. Others would even say it is extravagant and non-essential. Pet owners, on the other hand, especially those that really love their pets, would disagree. Indoor cats, especially those that live in urbanized areas, still need to be able to act out their instinctual nature, meaning the instinct to climb, to stalk and to run about. While there is no clear specific effect, cats who are denied these activities often develop unhealthy habits and grow overweight and develop health complications. No pet owner would want this to happen to their furry ones, so read on below as to why cat furniture is an essential part of having pets in your home.

Cats Want Their Own Space

Cats are always looking for a place to sleep. In fact, most cats sleep for as much as 16 hours a day. Structures known as cat trees, cat condos, and Cat Towers are among the most useful pet types of furniture for cats. Cat trees or towers are often made up of scratch posts and multiple ledges for cats to spend their naps in. For those families that have multiple cats, this is most welcome, as cats rarely wish to share their spots on the window sill or ledge. With multiple ledges and areas to sleep in, cats can have that open space feel but still have a space of their own. Cats want their own space and that ledge is that perfect spot, close to other cats but separated by differing heights. Some cat towers would actually have areas to hide or squeeze into aside from ledges. There are a wide variety of these cat trees and towers to choose from, usually for multiple cats or single cats would be the options, along with what accessories are included.

Promotes Activity For Exercise

Pets need exercise and cats are no exception. Cats need their share of activities to keep obesity and unhealthy weight gain at bay. Being indoors most of the time, cat furniture can be a great way to encourage them to have some activities to stretch out their muscles. Cats are active pets and do not only utilize the horizontal plane but are very active horizontally as well. They do love to climb and all the healthier for it. Cats love to chase one another at play and to practice hunting.

Save Your Furniture

Part of the problems of cat ownership is that cats need to shed their claws. They do this by scratching any material that is tough enough and unfortunately is a home, the sofa gets the brunt of these scratching. Cat furniture such as cat trees and condos will most probably have a scratch post in them that is included. Cats quickly learn to use these posts instead of the sofa, saving you hundreds of dollars in repair bills to repair tears on your sofa. Cat furniture help your cat shed more claws while preserving your beautiful sofa. A timid or shy cat will also tend to take refuge under the sofa and may relieve themselves inside it. Cat furniture can help you avoid this messy situation.