A Versatile Supplement For Professionals

February 12, 2016 0 By pastordave

An extremely powerful anabolic steroid the Tren is one of the favourite among professional bodybuilders and athletes. The incredible versatility of this compound makes it suitable for stacking with several other supplements and can fit into any cutting or bulking cycle. The effectiveness of this steroid for performance enhancement is unparalleled as far as steroid use is concerned. It is popular among those professionals who want to make the most out of a single workout and achieve the best results possible. While most of its traits and characteristics are similar to those of other anabolic supplements it also has certain characteristics which are unique to this compound. The highly anabolic and slightly androgenic effect of this compound is accepted in comparison to its positive contributions. However, it should be kept in mind that the more powerful positive effect this steroid has the more negative impacts it will emit if not taken in appropriate dose. So it is highly recommended to take the suggestion of a physician before availing the benefits of this powerful anabolic androgenic steroid.

Appropriate doses and cycles

Many users or to-be users of this powerful supplement wants to know how long it takes to see massive results and the answer is that it depends on the intake capacity and the sensitivity of the body to such compounds. Irrespective of its use whether during the cutting phase or the bulking phase the Enanthate version is known to show effective results if taken at dosage levels of 300mg to 500mg per week. While any professional steroid users opt to exceed the intake level of 500mg but it is assured that with the increase in the daily dosage level there is a probability of increase in the side effects as well. The 8 weeks period is generally considered as a decent one with some extending the period as far as 12 weeks beyond which it is better to take the help of a health physician before proceeding further.

Combating the side effects

While there is a lot of information provided on the internet regarding the probable side effects of this powerful anabolic androgenic steroid very little is suggested about combating them. The most common problem with the use of this compound, i.e. cardio problem and tren cough can easily be mitigated by adding ostarine and cardarine to the tren cycle. The second most common problem with this steroid use is the possible negative impact of prolactin causing impotency problems and gynecomastia as well. This can be combated by using two products HC Generate and Cabergoline which keeps the libido intact during the tren cycle. The last but not the least problem with this steroid use is ailments relating to kidneys and livers which can easily be overcome by adding N2 Guard to the cycle. This will aid in protecting the kidney liver and vital organs of the user from its harsh side effects. So instead of drooling over the concern for knowing how long it takes to see massive results one must be cautious of its side effects before availing its benefits.