Is Our Child’s Early Development Normal? Advice for the New Mom and Dad

Is Our Child’s Early Development Normal? Advice for the New Mom and Dad

February 18, 2016 0 By pastordave

The extreme vulnerability of child emotions is the reason why delicate and sensitive handling of children is required during early child development. This has to be understood by all parents and caregivers who should refrain from going overboard in their endeavor to take proper care and should be careful not to take things for granted with respect to their children. Environmental, social and economic factors have huge impact on child psyche and it affects children both positively and negatively.  Before ascertaining how much normal is the child’s early development, every parent should ensure that they offer the most healthy and happy environment to children and imbibe in them the goodness that they desire. However, knowing the important factors for normal development of children will help the new Mom and Dad to position themselves appropriately in holding their child’s hand and leading them through healthy growth.

Child’s Development

How to interact with children

Closeness with children in the true sense of the term and spending quality time with them are essential to mould their emotions and behaviors in proper manner. The impact of parental interactions is immense on children for whom the parents are the role models. Children learn things from their parents exactly in the way it is displayed and demonstrated to them.  Playing with children, involving them in games and activities and reading from books are ways of teaching them and imbibing positive experiences that enhance their mental growth.

Speech development and language skills

Speech is one of the major signs of cognitive development in children. Children communicate their emotions through speech that is based on language development.  Deficiency in development of speech and language can be attributed to delayed motor skills and lack of stimulation besides other causes like reduced hearing, reduced level of awareness about communication, high anxiety and exposure to multiple languages. If you notice delay in speech development, consult the pediatrician immediately.


As children grow older, their functional outcomes are directly linked to the nutritional input that they receive.  The psychological and physical growth is heavily dependent on proper nutrition. Inculcating healthy eating habits in children is the responsibility of parents who should take care to keep the child away from the negative effects of unhealthy eating that can lead to obesity and related health problems which can impair growth.

Environment for learning

The kind of environment in which children are being reared has a direct impact on their mental growth that affects their emotions and behavior. The best environment for healthy growth is the one that is supportive, informative and is conducive for learning. Studies have shown that children exposed to underprivileged learning environment are likely to be negatively affected in course of development.

Social exposure

The development of a child depends on the socio economic environment in which he / she is brought up.  Keeping away from socializing or staying isolated can lead to serious issues that affect child development negatively. This can be manifested in the form of speech problems and inability to mix with people in a sociable manner.