Are You Moving Your Home Or Business? Hire A Reliable Commercial Moving Company

Are You Moving Your Home Or Business? Hire A Reliable Commercial Moving Company

June 8, 2016 0 By pastordave

No matter how big or how small your business might be, it is essential to contact the services of a commercial moving company when planning to move your business to a new location. Business organizations are quite different from houses because it requires heavy equipment and furniture when moving. With so many things to take care of, the process of relocating can be more complicated than envisaged and as the moving day draws nearer, one comes under tremendous stress and work pressure that makes one prone to moving errors. While some moving errors could be remedied others are better not committed at all as they could make a flop of the whole moving process.

DIY vs. Hiring Professional commercial Movers

Whenever the almost unavoidable natural phenomenon of ‘change” beckons on you to change location or place of residence, you are usually left with no choice than to heed. Its forces are so compelling that you cannot decline, where you adamantly refuse to adjust your course to the direction of change, it leaves an adverse effect on you in the form of loss of an opportunity, ridicule, stagnation and frustration. The forces of change here are the reasons that compel you to relocate which ranges from search for greener pastures and taking advantage of opportunities that abound elsewhere like getting a new job, contract, uniting with a new spouse, acquiring a new property and the list goes on to other reasons like forceful ejection from a rented apartment, a fall-out in relationship with an acquaintance, defending your life by running away from threats and crisis prone areas. However, the decision to change location comes with its attendant thought of stress, anxiety and fear but since you must move on anyway, you must just accept change with a positive attitude of excitement with an anticipation of a new beginning and keep a cool head in making a decision as to whether to rent a moving truck and load or to hire a professional moving company.

How Far Are You Going

The distance you would travel determines, to a large extent, what choice you would make. When transporting freight over several miles across the interstate, you would tend to give care and safety utmost consideration and with all other things being equal opt for an expert, on the other hand if distance to be covered is within the same city or just the next city, you might contemplate doing the moving yourself and maybe with the help of friends that could pitch in with the loading and unloading while giving utmost attention to handling of appliances, wood furniture and glass objects. However more often than not, we admit that decisions on how to transport your cargo to a new location is not just based on distance but also on finance as hiring professional movers is usually less expensive and more relaxing.

Insure your belongings properly.

Risk is involved in everything that pertains to life, moving or relocating is not exempted particularly because your belongings would be in transit in the back of a truck which has to travel thousands of miles; This is enough reason to seek an insurance cover let alone the addition of the risk of poor handling of cargo during loading and unloading by the packing and unpacking crew. It is clear from the statistics of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) that shows that more than 80% of all moves have no claim filed while 20% do that moving is a high risk industry. You must take into cognizance that under federal law the basic moving valuation limits a mover’s liability to only $0.60 per pound. To this end careful and conscious decision need be taken as to whether you should go for a full coverage or stick to basic coverage. Where you are at a loss on what to do, professional commercial moving company is there to guide you.

Does Your commercial moving company Have Good Reviews

A moving company’s history is enough to inform you of the efficiency of the company. In this regard, information on safety ratings of long distance movers could be obtained on the FMCSA’s website .While occasional complaint are almost unavoidable , a company with a history of persistent and continuous complaints should be avoided. Information on the overall rating of many of these companies is at your beck and call with the performance indices of these companies provided on the website of the Better Business Bureau.  

Is your commercial moving company experienced

Experience counts, would always be of advantage, and in so many respects create a unique brand identity for commercial movers. By experience also you can be sure that when it comes to navigating through routes well known for crime and ills that could put your property at risk, your commercial moving company knows what to do. To take full advantage of alternatives and get the best and most efficient moving company, it is imperative to compare the quotation of at least three different movers. The trap of jumping for the cheapest should be avoided. In view of the fact that it is very difficult if not impossible to revoke a cargo transit agreement, it pays to take your time to find a loyal and experienced company with proven track record in the business of long distance cargo transportation.  

How Much Notice does a Moving Company Need?

This all depends on distance and time line. Delivery notice differ with companies, while some may require up to a month notice, some may just be comfortable with some days. At peak periods some of them may choose to deliver on first come, first served basis. If one needs to move your office furniture on a certain day and wants it delivered at the destination much earlier than the usual time duration, you might need to pay extra charges. In general, to avoid disappointment there is need to intimate the moving company early enough of the due delivery.