Best Ways to Deal with Shattered Windscreen

Best Ways to Deal with Shattered Windscreen

October 24, 2018 0 By pastordave

When you are driving, and a stone drops on your windscreen shattering it down, it gets simply unnerving. But things go beyond the initial shock as the danger of driving with a shattered windscreen eventually leading to a fatal road accident. Many of these accidents happen because of the wrong driver response that they give following the breaking of the windscreen.

So that you don’t fall into the trap of such a misfortune, here we are letting you know what to do if your windshield breaks while you are driving.

Emergency Procedure

The experts of the Subaru dealer Chula Vista say that the first step towards reacting to a suddenly breaking windshield is not to panic. The moment it happens, you should first slow down your car to the minimum speed possible and switch on the emergency lights of your car to let other drivers on the road know, that you are in trouble. If you can still see through some part of it try to pull over your car aside and stop gently whenever it is safe. If nothing is visible, first push the screen with the fist of your hand and then pull over your car to the next space you get that is safe for parking.

Now it is time to push off the rest of the windscreen out of the car. Break off all the remaining chunks of glass. If glass pieces fall inside the car wrap them up and dispose them off later. Call the roadside assistance to tow your car.

How to react

If the shattered windscreen is so bad that you can’t see anything through it, you need to make a hole in it. For that hit the screen with the heel of your hand, after tying your hand with a thick layer of handkerchief outstretching the fingers. This will ensure that the hole made is big enough to see through reducing the risk of the injury to your hand.

Types of Screen

In modern cars we get to see two types of safety glasses used to manufacture the windscreens – one is laminated and the other is toughened. The Laminated glass is made of two thin sheets of glass that are separated by a transparent plastic sheet – a lamina to prevent the shards of glass flying into the car when there is an accident. A laminated windscreen does not shatter but simply ‘stars’ at the place where it is broken. However, even in this type, small cracks can run from this point, and spread out when exposed to direct sunlight.

The toughened glass on the other hand, is made with special heat-treatment technique which puts the glass under stress that crazes into thousands of small granular shapes when struck. To discover which of these is in your car, check out the model specification from the concerned website, dealer or manufacturer.

Screenless Driving

It is sheer commonsense that you should not drive with a broken windscreen. But if you have no other alternative, still you can try driving without a windscreen. For this, you have to be absolutely sure that not a single piece of glass is remaining around the opening. If you have a pair of sunglasses wear them to protect your eyes from the dust particles rushing towards you as you move. The Subaru Chula Vista dealership experts reminds every driver to keep all the windows rolled up while driving.