Turn objects with different wrenches

Turn objects with different wrenches

October 23, 2018 0 By pastordave

In the world of mechanical engineering, there are various tools and devices that one may require for various jobs. Wrenches are an essential and integral part relating to any tool kit or tool box. These are amid those day-to-day tools that are usually ignored until it is required. You can frequently pick any wrench that is close by to deal with any project you have on hand. However, there are in actuality present several kinds of wrenches in the market that have been specially made to tackle a particular task and may be utilised for different purposes.

Wrenches tend to be usually female or male. Male type of wrenches is put in just as the head pertaining to a screwdriver. While as the female wrenches enclose a socket that can fit around or over a thing that needs to be turned. Both types of wrench set online are utilised to undo or fasten mechanical casings, caps, screws, bolts, and nuts. Below are enlisted some kinds of wrenches.

Classes of Wrench

There have been coined some terms to categorise wrenches into several subgroups. By being familiar with these terms may bring home to you the purpose of the wrenches; they can be interchanged with the big term of wrenches such as hex key and Allen wrench online India for your benefit.


The keys tend to be normally extremely specialised and very frequently seem to be an outdated key that has no teeth or encloses a T-shaped socket which is provided with a female or male tip. Window cranks, bottle openers, and Allen wrenches are different kinds of the key wrench.


These wrenches will point to a handle or a one piece that connects to cylindrical sockets. The socket usually fits onto the head and spins horizontally or vertically which shall be dependent upon the position of the handle.


Spanners make the wrenches that are utilised to turn any spanner head having a design which contains hooks and pins in place of a regular end. The term spanner is very widely utilised in British English to explain wrenches generally. However, it has been used in the United States by way of the subgroup of wrenches.

Wrench types

Adjustable Wrench

It is very commonly known as the crescent wrench and is the very popular type of wrenches present in the market. They are provided with an open-end having a spiral screw rooted which closes or opens the crescent whenever you spin it. Due to this reason, this wrench may complete the similar fundamental function just like the whole set of open-ended or combination wrenches. Nevertheless, it needs extra space because of its thick size.  

Allen Wrench

Besides known as the hex key, it is a hexagonal piece made of metal that can have the shape of letter T or L bearing an additional limb working just like a handle. Being a male-pattern wrench, it works with the screw heads and bolts that are provided with a hexagonal recess. These Allen wrenches are found in metric or SAE sizes.