Budget friendly kid’s party ideas!

Budget friendly kid’s party ideas!

March 21, 2016 0 By pastordave

Kids enjoy parties, especially when it is hosted by them. It makes them the centre of attention and important. Having birthday parties or other parties for your kids can be energy draining, and it also leaves a big hole in your pocket. But, your child’s happiness is your first priority and you can balance your budget and the smile on your child’s face equally if you follow some simple steps.

Plan the party yourself

Hiring an event management company can help you stay away from all the hassles, but it will be a very expensive step. So, plan the party on your own. Ask a few friends to lend a helping hand. Involve your kids in the preparations. Let them know how much goes into making a party successful.

Find a free venue

Do not pay for the venue of the party. If it is a small gathering, host it in your home or the backyard. You can also ask a friend if you could host the party in their backyard.  Other options include a nearby park, local picnic spots or empty play grounds.

Order a simple cake

Do not go in for fancy and high cost pastries. Order a simple cake that suits your budget. But, be specific about the time and date of the cake delivery. Let the cake arrive on the day of the party and not any earlier.

Avoid printed invites

Send the invites for the party through emails and cell phone messages. Do not waste money on printing invitations that are of no use once the party is over.

Go local

Source all the necessary items within walkable distance. If you keep running from one end of the city to another in your vehicle, you will be wasting too much of fuel. Also make arrangements to receive cakes by post.

Play your music

Be a DJ for the night and play your music on your own music system. Select the songs beforehand and keep them handy. As the party gets rolling, just switch on the music and save the cost of a DJ. To get the coolest songs, search online and download for free.

Decorate the venue yourself

Try using household and simple things to decorate the venue. Remember that you are hosting a kid’s party and kids can be very messy at times. Minimal decoration using flowers from your garden, colour printouts, crape papers, paper dolls and balloons will do the trick.

Be a chef

Ordering food from outside can cost you a bomb. Try your hand in easy to cook recipes. You can buy the snacks from a local shop. Try to keep it simple and tasty. Do not plan a six course meal as your guests are going to be little fellows. They give more importance to the presentation than the variety.

Fulfilling your child’s dreams will be your prime priority. At the end of the day, their happiness can make you forget your worries. But, stay inside your budget while hosting a party for your kids. Let them enjoy a simple yet beautifully planned party.