How Is Pin Brazing Advantageous

How Is Pin Brazing Advantageous

April 20, 2016 0 By pastordave

Pin brazing is a term used to refer to the process of making electrical connections to steel and ductile pipelines and other metallic structures too. It is a simple and metallurgical safe process that is used for such structures that need to be protected by converting them into cathodes. Also it is suitable for such structures that are to be electrically earthed. In this process, a specifically designed moveable pin brazing unit is used. This pin is actually a hollow brazing pin that has silver solder and flux. Unlike traditional methods for making electrical connections, pin brazing from Electrobraze or such other professionals is advantageous and hence preferable. Let us now discuss how the pin brazing proves to be advantageous.

High speed of connection- It is one of the chief advantages of using pin brazing for electrical connections. It is really a fast way of making electrical connections. All this is due to use of high-tech gadgets or equipments for the purpose of making electrical connections. You will be amazed to know that it just requires a minute or even sometimes less than that to make any connections using pin brazing from Electrobraze. Hence it is a time-saving technique for making electrical connections.

Minimal thermal effects- In the process of pin brazing, the melting point of the solder that is used for making electrical connections is quite low. At the same time, the brazing time is also short. That is why the thermal effects on the metal for which the pin brazing is used are also minimal. This turn results in low temperature of the metal that has been brazed. It is again advantageous for the metal as well the person handling the same.

Effective in all weather conditions- Yet another great advantage of using pin brazing for electrical connections on the metals or such other structures is its efficacy in all types of weather conditions. It means pin brazing is effective in all types of weather conditions. Whether it is rain, wind, cold or damp conditions in the atmosphere there is no effect on the pin brazing process. It can be carried out in a safe and effective manner even during all such conditions without experiencing any problems.

Convenient and simple to use- This is also a great point about pin brazing. The operators may operate and use the various equipments required for pin brazing once they get proper training. And this training can be completed just in an hour or even less than that. The operators just need to know about major technical points and how to use the specific gadgets. Using pin brazing equipments once or twice makes you an expert in this process.

Flexibility- Since pin brazing equipments are portable therefore these can be used anywhere without experiencing any issues. You may use these equipments even below the ground or overhead easily.

These are all the advantages of using pin brazing method for making electrical connections. It is a handy, quick and safe way of making electrical connections to metals or such other surfaces.