Winter DIY Tips

Winter DIY Tips

April 26, 2016 0 By pastordave

Everyone wants that designer look but without that designer price tag, but it’s never easy. You have to hunt for your accessories and it can sometimes be a challenge to create your own original look and make it work.

Today I’m going to be showing you a few quick and easy steps to change up your style, look your best and not have to spend every penny you have.

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Firstly, we have the bow. In the fashion industry right now, there is a big trend with having big bows on people’s clothes. If you have ribbon or any dark material you can just tie a bow with that and pin it to your shirt. This is the easiest way to ramp up your shirt and give it a subtle fancy kind of touch. Iron it down if you want it to stick to the shirt more, but the style right now is more ‘floppy bow’ type.

The next is the shredded t-shirt kind of look. It’s simple and looks awesome with a leather jacket and skinny jeans. Now, it takes a bit of time but you can just chill on the couch and listen to music while you’re doing this. Grab an old t-shirt or whatever t-shirt you want to use and grab a mechanical seam ripper. Jut use it to pull out the seams of the area you choose. It’s really easy and you can make any design you want. It’s a bit see through so if you don’t want people to see under you shirt just do it around the neck area for practice.

Next is the puffed skirt. It’s easy and it looks super cute. It makes me wonder why anybody would pay $20 for a skirt when they could do this. First grab a piece of material of any size. You pick the length because this is how long the skirt is going to be. Lay it out flat and make a small 3cm fold for where the top of the skirt will be. Line up some elastic along the top and sew it to the material. Then flip the elastic over so you can’t see it and sew it over the same line again. When you’ve done that, do the same for the bottom and you have yourself a puffed skirt. See? Easy!

These simple and easy DIY tips are great for killing boredom during the rainy winter days and look great when you take them out and show them off to your friends. The most satisfying bit will be when they ask you where you got it from icon_wink.gif ¬

Here are a few last little DIY tips you can try:

Tie-dye some of your old sweatshirts or shirts – It’s fun and looks great!

Try hunting out some old jewellery and reinventing something new! It could be as easy as bunching them all together to make a clumpy oversized necklace. Or you could make new bracelets or even brooches. (Be creative!)

Try turning one of your shirts into a one shoulder shirt. They look great with skinny jeans!

Enjoy these tips and have fun! For information Search Personal Stylist Melbourne