How to easy clean hard floors

How to easy clean hard floors

May 11, 2016 0 By pastordave

During the big house cleaning, you probably have to deal with hard floors such as laminate floorings or tiled and stone floors, or maybe even tiled walls in the bathroom. If you don`t do it quite frequently like once a month, you may have to deal with some heavy stains and issues. There is no need to worry, with a professional cleaning service and/or with a professional cleaning machine, you get the perfect results according to your expectations. Another great way is to clean all the hard floors by yourself and next are mentioned some advices and tips on how to do it the easy way.

First, inspect all the floorings for their condition of staining. Try to locate the most soiled areas or spots, then the lighter ones and finally the areas that will need just a quick wiping off of the dust. Check out all the areas and the corners of the floorings, as well as areas, which are usually covered by furnishings or with other heavy objects. It may take some time, but it is definitely worth it if you want to organize easily the further steps from the house cleaning.

Second, make yourself a schedule if you have to deal with plenty of stains on the floors throughout the entire house, especially if your house is a two- or three- storey house. Even the simplest schedule will ensure that you will not forget something important, as well as do everything in the right order. It is essential to know from where to begin, which are the kinds of the spots you have to deal with, etc.

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Third, decide whether you will use a professional scrubbing machine or you will make yourself homemade detergents for all the stains. Keep in mind that even the simplest homemade detergent can ensure flawless results like after professional cleaning, but you have to mix the right ingredients for the specific types of stains and surfaces. Of course, another great factor to keep in mind for this decision is the time. Hiring a cleaning company or renting a professional machine is the best way to save time and efforts, because either ways provide a much greater surface coverage than doing everything by yourself. Or else, if the stains are very soiled and you take care about the hard floorings quite occasionally – then, definitely a thorough and deep cleaning is a better idea.

Fourth, mix the right types of homemade detergents. The hardest stains are easier for removal only with hot water, dish detergent, soap and baking soda, mixed in a small bowl and applied via soft cloth. The lightest stains can be dissolved with just hot water, rubbing alcohol and dish detergent. Yet the hard floors get dirty not that easily than a carpet with long fibers, for example.

Fifth, apply the chosen solution with a clean cloth or with the mop, then rub the hardest stains if needed. Rub always along the grain and the texture of the hardwood floorings or of the laminate floorings with wood textures. This will help dissolve the dry dirt right into the grain and make it easier for removal. Finish with a mop slightly dampen in just clean water, then with a dry mop or with a large dry towel. It will help get rid of the dry stipes and traces after the wet mop. If you want to clean and deodorize at once, then a great tip is to add a small amount of your favorite essential oils, lemon juice or white vinegar to the homemade detergent.