Number Of Damp Proofing Treatments Associated With You Should Know

Number Of Damp Proofing Treatments Associated With You Should Know

April 19, 2016 0 By pastordave

When excess moisture gets build up within building blocks either due to inside or outside leakage is known as damp for which damp proofing treatments are applied to solve the issue. If this damp is left as it is for long time, it can create other problems like wet and dry rots and developing. Before going to treat damps we need to know about its signs and symptoms. There are many cases when damps get invisible to identify and is not possible always to spot it in your property. Thus in those cases some signs can help you know whether there is problem regarding damp in your property or not like through damp and musty smell. Other signs of identifying damps are formation of mould on walls, or staining of wall coverings, signs of dark patches on walls and damp walls, crumble away of mortar from outside the property etc. Signs are endless but treatments are possible you can treat your property through damp proofing treatments. Damp proofing is a method used to keep access master out of the building so that your property can be kept safe for longer years. Water that gets absorbed through walls and floors and gets inside the interior walls spaces of property can be prevented by the help of damp proofing treatments.

Damp Proofing

There are several types of damp problems like rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation which need to be treated. These three types of damp problems are treated in their own ways.

Treating penetrating damp

This type of damp is generally caused due to seeping of water through the walls at any point. Thus the treatments associated to this kind of damp are:-

· If damp patches appear on the ceiling around your chimney breast then the way to treat it is refitting of the loose flashing or in case if it gets damaged exchange it with the new one similar to it.

· If mould has formed at the top of an upstairs wall then you need to clear your gutters to solve the issue or even you can repair the damaged part on your upstairs wall.

· If any damp patch gets formed on your upstairs ceiling due to heavy rain then you need to replace the tile or slate that is missing or broken from your roof.

· If there is an isolated damp patch on an inner wall you need to replace the broken and damaged bricks and fill gaps in the mortar if any.

Treating rising damp and condensation

Rising damp arises on the lower part of walls and solid floor of your house and is caused due to water being soaked up from the ground. It is very important to stop this type of damp too and below are some ways to treat those:-

· If damp rises up to one meter up your wall then you have no choice instead of calling a professional to repair your damp proof course or you can say them to install a new one for you.

· If general condensation occurs in a room in winter you will need to turn on the heating so that air can absorb more and more of moisture and you can also increase the ventilation to escape the damp air as quickly as possible.

Damp proofing treatments are very important to keep your property safe and in good condition so that your house could not destroy the quality and decrease the praise. There are several treatments you can apply to solve this great issue.