Roomba vs Shark—Comparing Top Models

Roomba vs Shark—Comparing Top Models

February 6, 2020 0 By pastordave

Every time a new robot vacuum is released to the market, the need to compare it with the models from the long-established robot vacuum manufacturer, iRobot arises. The Roombas, which stands out as the most trusted brands of robot vacuums have left a positive impact on the lives of those who have used it. Shark Ion is one of Roomba’s greatest competitors, boasting of unequaled credibility in manufacturing top robot vacuum cleaners. And here we are going to compare Shark Ion Robot vs Roomba, the Shark Ion Robot 750 and the Roomba 890.

Shark Ion Robot 750 vs Roomba 890—The Differences

  • Roomba 890 comes packed with a dual-mode virtual wall barrier, while the shark ion robot 750 comes with a boundary magnetic strip.
  • The Roomba 890 comes packed with AeroForce High-efficiency filter, while the shark Ion robot 750 comes with HEPA filter.
  • The Roomba 890 includes a full bin indicator, while the Ion robot includes dual side brushes.
  • The Roomba 890 comes with an iAdapt Navigation Technology, while the Shark Ion Robot 750 has a smart sensor system.

The Price and Design

Both models cost differently besides having different designs and designs.  The Roomba 890 is circular in design and measures 3.6 inches high and 13.9 inches in diameter. The circular design lets the unit most of your floor when you pass it over once while fitting comfortably under furniture and fixtures.

As for the Shark Ion Robot 750, it is as well circular in design but smaller and shorter. It only measures 2.6 inches high and has a diameter of 12.6 inches.  You will need to pass it over the intended floor several for it to cover more surface area.

Understanding the Two Robot Vacuums Better 

The two robot vacuums are similar in design. However, the Roomba 890 has a brown and black color combination alongside one clean button on its center.  The shark Ion is highlighted by silver-gray color with blazing metallic accents and black trims. The shark Ion has 3 physical buttons on its top beside a smooth look highlighted by silhouettes on its design, while the Roomba 890 has a solid and clean look.

Some Similarities Between the Two

Both robot vacuums connect seamlessly to Wi-Fi Networks and can be efficiently accessed via a smartphone app. Good enough, it’s very possible to pause cleaning sessions from the smartphone app as well as schedule for cleanups as per personal preferences.

Through the mobile apps from both robot vacuums, you will access tricks and tips on the best ways to troubleshoot different problems.  There are as well different tips on how to efficiently make the most from the robot vacuum. The smartphone apps will as well send you notifications, ensuring you can remotely control the robots to your preferences and earn the most from your investments.