Seven Reasons Your Business Should Use Telephone Answering Services

Seven Reasons Your Business Should Use Telephone Answering Services

May 23, 2016 0 By pastordave

As a business, minimising operating costs and maximising revenue are one of your main priorities. Unfortunately, however, the current state of the world’s economy has made this quite a challenge.

Hiring multiple employees to handle menial day-to-day tasks can be both expensive and intrusive. Not only does it cost plenty of money to pay their salaries, but it also takes the time to train them on working for your business and dealing with customers.

Since customer service and communication are such important parts of succeeding in today’s marketplace, businesses know that they cannot skimp on being there for their customers when they need them. To help quell this issue, many businesses have turned to telephone answering services.

Doing so is something that can help your business as well. To give you a better idea of why telephone answering services are so valuable, here are the main reasons that your business should use them.

Never Miss a Call

One of the hardest things to do as a business is to deliver customer service that is available around the clock. Hiring 24/7 employees can be a huge waste of resources that could be dedicated to other areas of your business.

By using telephone answering services, you can enjoy the benefits of being there for your customers around the clock without having to worry about the high costs associated with hiring an in-house employee to do it for you. This saves you both time and money.

Missing even a single sales call or request can cost you a customer. When you are available 24/7, you know that customers’ needs are being met and that you are never missing a call. Even if telephone answering services only save or generate a single customer in a month, this means that they will generally pay for themselves.

Cost Effective

As has been mentioned, hiring multiple employees to handle secretarial and receptionist work can be expensive. Even if these employees are only part time, the fact that they are working at times when calls may not even be made can mean that you are wasting company resources.

With Message Direct’s telephone answering services, you don’t have to worry about this. Instead of paying an hourly wage, you pay a monthly fee that is customised to the unique needs of your business. This makes it a much more cost effective option and helps you to minimise operating costs that can then be allocated towards the growth of your business.

They Allow You to Focus On What Matters

One of the unfortunate realities of hiring in-house secretaries and receptionists is that there is often a high level of turnover in these types of careers. This means that time and resources need to be allocated repeatedly to hire and train those employees.

Competing in today’s ultra-competitive economy is hard enough as it is. Why would you want to consistently waste time and resources on things that could be handled in a much more efficient and cost effective way?

Hiring a company for telephone answering services means that you have experienced virtual receptionists to handle tasks for you that you would otherwise have to train employees to handle. This allows you to focus on what matters and work towards growing your business.


Another reason your business should use telephone answering services is because of the personalisation that is provided by companies that offer them. These companies realise that no two businesses are the same, and that a degree of personalisation is necessary to meet the needs of their clients.

Most companies that offer answering services will work with you to determine the type and level of service that you are looking for. They will then also work to come up with a monthly fee that fits within your budget.

Enhance Your Image

There are few things that make a company seem bigger and more reliable than having actual people on hand around the clock to answer questions related to its business. Customer service is as important today as it has ever been. Consumers want to know the company they are purchasing from can be there for them when they need it.

By using telephone answering services, you put your business in a position where this image of strong customer service is created. This is something that can be a game changer for a business that has many others to compete with. It is also something that can lead to long-term customers, which is undoubtedly a goal of every business.

Committed to Understanding Your Needs

If you are worried about the potential problems of someone unfamiliar with your business handling your calls, you should know that you are not alone. Companies that offer telephone answering services understand this, and most will work diligently to understand you and your business so they can deliver the optimal level of service.

The receptionists that work for these companies are highly trained and skilled in their craft, and they understand how to deal with customers and clients. They also understand when it is necessary to pass calls along to someone who is more familiar with the topic. This is something that they will be more than happy to set up with you during the initial stages of your relationship.

High ROI

While it has already been mentioned that telephone answering services have cost effective and time-saving benefits, what is not often talked about when it comes to these services is that they provide a high ROI. The ability to be there for your customers and enhance your image is something that can have drastic effects on bringing in and keeping customers.

With the low monthly fees associated with answering services, this means that they often go well beyond simply paying for themselves. There are few things that you can do when it comes to customer service that delivers as high an ROI as telephone answering services.