The Importance Of Reading To Children

The Importance Of Reading To Children

October 12, 2014 0 By pastordave

Does something as simple as a daily 10 minute bedtime story really make a difference? Most parents know that reading to children is recommended, but they are unaware of all the numerous benefits. Reading influences everything from your child’s language skills to her creativity to her social skills. Reading is a fundamental skill builder and is the best way to start children on the road to success.

Raising your children to be readers increases their academic potential. Reading doesn’t just expose them to proper grammar and sentence structure. It doesn’t just expand their vocabulary. Reading gives your children the ability to learn anything they want. You are giving them the tools to be able to research new topics and it opens the doors to any subject imaginable. The amount of information you can learn from books is never-ending.

Teach your child to love reading and you are teaching them to love learning. Basic reading skills are taught in school but kids will also learn to associate reading with work. This can lessen their desire to learn because most learning requires reading in some form. You want your child to think of reading as entertainment, a fun and pleasurable experience. You can encourage this by getting excited about the stories you read together and showing them that reading can be fun. Don’t read them books that you don’t enjoy yourself but do make sure the books are age appropriate. Using books that are not understandable to the child can frustrate them, which does more harm than good.

Reading is usually seen as a solitary activity, but reading out loud is a social venture. A parent reading to a child is a great opportunity to spend quality time together. It shows our children that they are important to us and that we enjoy being around them. Many libraries and schools have a story hour. These activities can teach your child how to behave around other children in a group setting. Books can also make children more tolerant to anyone different than them. Stories expose kids to different places and situations, allowing them to be more prepared when faced with these situations in the real world.

Being read to increases some important communication and social skills. Listening and understanding what you hear is one of the most basic ways to be a good friend. Story time can also make your child more confident in her own ability to express herself to others. Knowing how to say things clearly and having a large vocabulary to pull from can make all the difference in your child’s ability to hold conversations.

Reading to children is crucial in forming a foundation for success. Books are a vital source of knowledge and entertainment. Take the time to read to them every day. You can read to your child on car trips, at the doctor’s office or even in the morning while waiting for the school bus. Find creative ways to work it into your schedule. Grandparents and older siblings may also enjoy reading aloud. Stock your house with quality children’s books and allow your child to thumb through them on her own as well. Take family trips to the library and introduce your child to the librarian. When your child develops an interest in something, bring home books on the subject.

Inspiring your children to read doesn’t take a lot of effort or time. Reading for only a few minutes a day is still beneficial and helps their minds grow. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. Libraries are free and used book stores are cheap. It is never too early or too late to start reading to your child. Don’t get discouraged from hearing about how parents should read to their babies from day 1. It may be more difficult to get started with older children and change their reading habits, but it is worthy undertaking and a rewarding experience for everyone involved.