Internet – Is It Good For Education?

Internet – Is It Good For Education?

November 5, 2014 0 By pastordave

Internet has been perhaps the largest impact on the human race in recent times. It was the Wright brothers who taught us to fly but the actual flight of imagination and the fact that boundaries of mind and geographical distances can be transcended is only manifested by internet. Internet ort the virtual world aims to bring us all within a single umbrella. Large stream keywords allow you to search about Ghana and a man in Ghana to search about your country. Health, sports, drugs, ghosts, electronics; we just mean to say that no field is left out of its ambit. Today, internet education is also gaining primacy.

Internet has always been good for education. In fact, what is being professed as education in the brick and mortar institutes of this world are by and large a part of schooling? Education has a far broader expanse. Learning about the year of death of Alexander or the fall of Constantinople is schooling. Learning about the facts that might have heralded the death of Alexander or might have led to the tumbling of the Islamic caliphate is part of education. Education, in ways more than one, is being facilitated by internet. Internet is a cream territory for enhancing the brain cells and giving them a fodder to think.

 Let’s take an instance. Suppose you have read about global warming through the virtue of school lessons. Now, you feel that the knowledge you have gained is not all encompassing and you need to know more about it. Just open a search engine on your upgraded monitor and run into each section of global warming. Dissect the topic through long stream keywords. Soon, you would find a variety of articles from article directories, lenses and back links of such directories.

So we see that internet makes it pretty easy for us to access information which was only available either through the brick and mortar libraries or the brain tracts of geniuses. Even still, it took some time to access that information. Another thing in this regard would further highlight the point. Suppose, you are going through an academic lesson and your entire lesson is being stopped because of single information, a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. What would you do in such a case? Look for the answer for days or at any rate, a few hours, before you arrive at an answer. Well! Internet has made it possible for the answer to reach you within a few seconds.

Overall we see that internet has ensured that an all encompassing education is being made accessible in the nicest way possible. It is for us to take succor from the mighty and colossal framework of internet. In it lies immediate redemption.